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Tennis at the 1900 Summer Olympics

At the 1900 Summer Olympics, four tennis events were contested.

Table of contents
1 Men's Singles
2 Men's Doubles
3 Women's Singles
4 Mixed Doubles

Men's Singles

1Laurie Doherty (GBR)
2Harold S. Mahoney (GBR/IRL)
3Reginald Doherty (GBR)
3Arthur B.J. Norris (GBR)

Men's Doubles

1Great Britain
Laurie Doherty, Reginald Doherty
2United States of America/France
Basil Spalding de Garmendia (USA), Max Décugis (FRA)
3Great Britain
Harold S. Mahoney, Arthur B.J. Norris
André Prévost, Georges de la Chapelle

Women's Singles

1Charlotte Cooper (GBR)
2Hélène Prévost (FRA)
3Marion Jones (FRA)
3Hedwiga Rosenbaumova (BOH)

Mixed Doubles

1Great Britain
Charlotte Cooper, Reginald Doherty
2France/Great Britain
Hélène Prévost (FRA), Harold S. Mahoney (GBR/IRL)
3United States of America/Great Britain
Marion Jones (USA), Laurie Doherty (GBR)
3Bohemia/Great Britain
Hedwiga Rosenbaumova (BOH), Archibald Warden (GBR)