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Teia (d. 552 or 553), also known as Teja, Theia, Thila, Thela, Teias, was the last Ostrogothic king in Italy.

Apparently a military officer serving under Totila, Teia was chosen as successor after Totila was slain in the Battle of Busta Gallorum. On his way fleeing to southern Italy, he gathered support from prominent figures within Totila armies including Scipuar, Gundulf (Indulf), Gibal and Ragnaris to make his last stand against the Byzantine eunuch general Narses at the Battle of Mons Lactarius, south of present-day Naples, in October 552 or early 553. The Ostrogothic army was defeated once again. Teia was slain, his brother Aligern surrendered. Scipuar and Gibal were likely also killed. Gundulf and Ragnaris escaped from the field; the latter was mortally wounded after a failed assassination by an agent of Narses.

With that defeat, organized Ostrogothic resistance ended. Although the last attested Gothic noble Widin revolted in northern Italy in 550s and was captured in 561 or 562, the Ostrogoths would fade in obscurity.

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