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Tauranga, New Zealand

Tauranga (population 90,906 (2001 census)) is the major city of the western Bay of Plenty on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

The name Tauranga comes from Maori, it roughly translates to 'a shelted anchorage'.

It is 105 km east of Hamilton and 85 km north of Rotorua.

Due to its sheltered position on the east coast, Tauranga enjoys a warm, dry climate. This has made it a popular location to retire to. During the summer months the population swells as the holidaymakers descend on the city.

The Tauranga Campaign took place in and around Tauranga, from January 21, 1864 to June 21, 1864, during the Maori Wars.

Under the Local Government (Tauranga City Council) Order 2003 [1], Tauranga becomes (legally) a city from 1 March 2004.

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