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Taste (software)

Taste is a word processor software package that was produced by the same manufacturer that had previously sold MindWrite. It does not have outline capabilities. However, it has many features that recommend it for the preparation of complex documents for publication. For instance, the distance between characters on the screen and in the printer can be controlled. (The technical term for this adjustment is "kerning.") The distance between lines of print in a paragraph can be controlled. Fairly complex graphics can be created within this program. It does not have the list sorting of MindWrite, nor does it have its ability to do outlining. This software works with Macintosh Mac OS 9 but not Mac OS X. It has not been available for purchase for several years.

This software is very complex. As a result it is sometimes said to be temperamental, and users who make complex documents and edit them in major ways have learned to keep good backup files. Sometimes documents become corrupted and it becomes difficult or impossible to recover the data.