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Tapper is an arcade game that was released in 1983 by Bally Midway. The goal of the game is to serve beer, collect empty mugs and tips. The longer patrons wait, the further they advance to the end of the bar (creating a time limit). If the patrons reach the end of the bar, they grab the bartender, the player's character, and slide him down to the far end of the bar, deleting one "life." Lives can also be lost by allowing a mug to fall and shatter on the floor.

The cabinets were designed to look like barss—they have a brass rail and drink holders. The controller is designed to look like the handles in a real pub.

Several variants of the game were released, with similar gameplay but different graphics and music. The first was with Budweiser branding, follwed in 1984 by Root Beer Tapper (for locations with children). There are also some boards with Suntory branding, supposedly made by Sega, which they deny.

The programming and art style are almost identical to a later game called Timber.

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