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Take It From Here

Take It From Here was BBC radio programme starring Jimmy Edwards, a moustached comedian, Dick Bentley, an Australian and Joy Nicholls, later to replaced by June Whitfield. It was written by Frank Muir and Denis Norden. It was one of the first shows to rely on parodies of film and book styles (as later used in Round the Horne and many tv programmes.) The main interest in the series was a dysfunctional family, decades before The Simpsons, called The Glums. The characters of the such sketches were this:

Pa Glum: Played by Jimmy Edwards, he is under the thumb of:

Ma Glum: The typical battleaxe, who we never see.

Ron Glum: Played by Dick Bentley (or in TV series Ian Lavender), he is Mr Glum's son. Very daft. He is engaged to:

Ethel: Played by June Whitfield, she was not appreciated by Mr Glum who wouldn't accept them marrying. She is cleverer if daft-sounding, with the catchphrase 'Oh, Ron.'

(It should be noted that long engagement were commonplace in Britain at that time).

Barman: Also played by Dick, he would be the one that Pa would narrate the story to.