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Taipa (Simplified: 氹仔島, Traditional: 凼仔岛; Pinyin: Dāngzǐ Dǎo, Jyutping: Tam5-zi2 Dou2, literally "Ditch") is an island of Macau in the People's Republic of China. It is 2.5 kilometres away from peninsular Macau and is west of the Lesser Hengqing Island (小横琴岛) of Zhuhai.

Taipai used to be known as Longhuan (龍環 "Dragon Ring"), Jijing (雞頸 "Chicken's neck"), Tanzi (潭仔 "Pool"), and Longtouhuan (龍頭環 "Dragon's-Head Ring"). Chinese settlers mostly arrived in Taipa in Southern Song Dynasty. The Portuguese came in 1851. Before land-fill, Taipa consisted of two islands: the Greater Taipa and the Lesser Taipa.

The 159.1-metre Big Taipa Hill (大氹山) situates to the east, and Small Taipa Hill (小氹山) to the east. Central Taipa is plain. It is connected to Coloane by the Estrada do Istmo (路氹公路 or 連貫公路), and to peninsular Macau by Nobre Governador Carvalho Bridge (嘉樂庇大橋 or 澳氹大橋, locally known as "Old Bridge") of 1974 and Friendship Bridge (中葡友誼大橋 Ponte de Amizade) of 1994.


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