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The Principality of Taemoe or "Hoveste Gramendom Taemoe" is an imaginary country in Europe.

Located in the Baltic Sea, the country first presented to the Web on October 7, 1999 has developed into one of the more imaginative pieces of geofiction to be found on the internet. Currrently operating several pages on its site, Taemoe was created as an act of escapism by its often bored author, living in Syracuse, New York.

Taemoe, from the old norse "Timi" or 'time' and "oe" or 'island', sits between the Swedish island of Gotland and the Estonian islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, completing an archipelago which forms a belt across the Baltic Sea.

Within the Taemuan website, one can find presentations of the island's history, commerce, ecology, and government.

Area: 2727 square miles
Population: (1999 est.) 79,001 (rather underpopulated)
Capital: Redby (pop. 1999 est. (25,000))
Currency: 1 Taeemark = 100 Skillinge

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