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Table grape

Table grapes are grapes intended for consumption while they are fresh, as opposed to grapes grown for wine production. Depending on the market for wine and table grapes, low quality wine may contain some grapes that could also be sold as table grapes, particularly Thompson Seedless.

Other grapes sold as table grapes are Flame, Sultana, Muscat, and Concord grape.

The top table grape varieties according to the California Table Grape Commission:

Green grapes: Perlette, Sugarone, Thompson Seedless, Calmeria

Red grapes: Flame Seedless, Red Globe, Ruby Seedless, Christmas Rose, Emperor, Rouge, Crimson Seedless, Tudor Premium Red

Blue-Black grapes: Beauty Seedless, Autumn Royal, Ribier, Fantasy Seedless, Marroo, Niabell