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Tabaco City

Tabaco City is found on the eastern coast of the province of Albay in the Philippines. Mayon Volcano overlooks the city to the north and the island of San Miguel to the east is under the city's jurisdiction.

City of Tabaco

Region: Bicol Region (Region V)
Province: Albay
CityhoodMarch 24, 2001
2000 census—107,166
Density—915 per km²
Area: 117.14 km²
Barangays: 47
Congressional district: 1st district of Albay
Class: 5th class; partially urban

Mainland Tabaco City borders Malinao to the north, Polangui and Oas to the west, Ligao City to the southwest, Mayon Volcano to the south, Malilipot to the southeast, and Lagonoy Gulf to the east. The island of San Miguel, part of the city's territory, is the northwesternmost of Albay's four main islands in the Lagonoy Gulf.

From downtown Tabaco City, one can drive up the northern slopes of Mayon Volcano at around 800 meters above sea level. Tabaco City has also recently launched the annual Tabak festival which commemorates the city's cityhood on March 24, 2001.

The city's economy is still heavily dependent on agriculture. Major crops include rice, corn, rootcrops, vegetables, coconuts and abaca. Poultry and swine raising as well as fishing are other major industries.


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