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Suzuki Motor Corporation (スズキ株式会社) is a Japanese manufacturing company producing a range of small automobiles (especially Keicars), a full range of motorcycles, outboard motors, and a variety of other small combustion-powered engine products.

The company started out as Suzuki Loom Works (鈴木式織機製作所) in 1909. It later spun off its loom manufacturing division and renamed the core business to Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Notice the company name was written as "Suzuki (鈴木)" as a Japanese name in Kanji initially, but after it became an international company, "Suzuki (スズキ)" was spelled as a foreign word in katakana. It is a common trend of Japanese companies, e.g. SONY, HONDA etc. to no longer use the original Japanese writing in their corporate identity.

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Suzuki (鈴木) is the second most popular family names in Japan.

Notable Suzukis are: