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Sutter's Fort State Historic Park

Completed in 1839, Sutter's Fort, which was originally called "Nuevo Helvetia" (New Switzerland) by its builder, John Sutter, was a 19th century argicultural and trading colony in California. The compound was built near the junction of the American and Sacramento Rivers.The fort is famous for its association with the Donner Party, the California gold rush and with establishment of Sacramento. The adobe structre has been restored to its original condition and is listed as a California State Historic Park.


The Main Building of the fort is a two story ppadobe structure built between [[1841 and 1843. This building is the only original surviving structure at the reconstructed Sutter's Fort State Historic Park. It was in here on January 28, 1848 that James Marshall met in private with Captain Sutter in order to show him the gold that he had found at Sutter's sawmill astride the American River four days earlier.