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Susana Gimenez

Susana Gimenez is an Argentinian actress and diva. Gimenez started her career as a Vedette dancer (Vedette was a term that was popular during the 1970s) and soon she was starring in many Argentinian film productions. She also starred in many Argentinian soap operas.

During this time, she started dating the world boxing champion, Carlos Monzon, in a widely published romance. She left Monzón in 1980.

Nowadays, Gimenez is the presenter for a highly rated television variety show in Argentina, similar in format to shows that Veronica Castro has been doing in Mexico for a few years. Gimenez entered the Guinness Book of Records because she gave away more than 5 million dollars in one of her shows, breaking a world record.

In October, 2003, Gimenez was involved in a much-publicized situation when singer Julio Iglesias laid her on a sofa and kissed her on her mouth twice, then once more before leaving, during a live showing of her television show.

Her 7 long-term relationships or marriages were: