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Survivors was a British television programme created by Terry Nation and produced by the BBC from 1975 to 1977. It concerned the plight of a group people who had survived a plague that had killed between 97% and 99% of the entire population of the planet. The programme is usually described as falling into the science fiction genre, but a more appropriate description would be to call it apocalyptic fiction.

The programme ran for three series and 38 episodes. It starred Ian McCulloch, Carolyn Seymour, Lucy Fleming and Denis Lill. Terry Nation left after the first series to concentrate on other work and some critics feel that the direction of the programme suffered as a result.

Episode guide

Series One
  1. The Fourth Horseman - written by Terry Nation
  2. Genesis - written by Terry Nation
  3. Gone Away - written by Terry Nation
  4. Corn Dolly - written by Jack Ronder
  5. Gone to the Angels - written by Jack Ronder
  6. Garland's War - written by Terry Nation
  7. Starvation - written by Jack Ronder
  8. Spoil of War - written by M K Jeeves
  9. Law and Order - written by M K Jeeves
  10. The Future Hour - written by Terry Nation
  11. Revenge - written by Jack Ronder
  12. Something of Value - written by Terry Nation
  13. A Beginning - written by Terry Nation
Series Two
  1. Birth of A Hope - written by Jack Ronder
  2. Greater Love - written by Don Shaw
  3. Lights of London Part 1 - written by Jack Ronder
  4. Lights of London Part 2 - written by Jack Ronder
  5. Face of the Tiger - written by Don Shaw
  6. The Witch -written by Jack Ronder
  7. A Friend In Need - written by Ian McCulloch
  8. By Bread Alone - written by Martin Worth
  9. The Chosen - written by Roger Parkes
  10. Parasites - written by Roger Marshall
  11. New Arrivals - written by Roger Parkes
  12. Over The Hills - written by Martin Worth
  13. New World - written by Martin Worth
Series Three
  1. Manhunt - written by Terence Dudley
  2. A Little Learning - written by Ian McCulloch
  3. Law of the Jungle - written by Martin Worth
  4. Mad Dog - written by Don Shaw
  5. Bridgehead - written by Martin Worth
  6. Reunion - written by Don Shaw
  7. The Peacemaker - written by Roger Parkes
  8. Sparks - written by Roger Parkes
  9. The Enemy - written by Roger Parkes
  10. The Last Laugh - written by Ian McCulloch
  11. Long Live The King - written by Martin Worth
  12. Power - written by Martin Worth