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The SuperH processor family is a family of processors based around the SH core. The SuperH core is RISC based and found in a large number of embedded systems.

The SuperH Family was first developed by Hitachi as successor of the H8 Family, but was outsourced to the new formed SuperH Inc. owned by Hitachi and STMicroelectronics. SuperH Inc now sells the designs of the CPU Cores, just as the main competioners ARM and MIPS do.

The Later Designs add a SIMD Instuction Set called SHmedia and a more compact Instruction Set called SHcompact, similar to the Thumb Instruction Set of ARM.

The older Designs are now supported and sold by Renesas.

The Family includes:

Examples include ST Microelectronics's ST40 or the Hitachi's SH-4.

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