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Super Mario Bros (film)

Super Mario Bros. is a 1993 movie based on the popular video game series of the same name. The film followed the exploits of Mario Mario (Bob Hoskins) and his brother Luigi (John Leguizamo) in a comical dystopia ruled by King Koopa (Dennis Hopper).

Specifically, the film is havily based on Super Mario World, which was the most recent Mario game at the time.

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The movie's basic premise involves the notion that millions of years ago a meteor hit the earth, splitting the world into two paraell dimensions. The first dimension is our world, inhabited by humans who evolved from apes. The other dimension is inhabited by humanoid creatures who evolved from dinosaurs.

30 years ago, the dinosaur world's benevolent monarch was deposed by a military strongman named Koopa. Koopa proceded to establish a brutal dictatorship with himself at the center of a vast personality cult. Using a special de-evolutionary machine, Koopa transformed anyone who opposed his rule into mindless lizard drones known as Goombas. With his power over the dinosaur world firmly consolidated, Koopa began to plan for the eventual takeover of the human world as well.

Flash forward to present-day Brooklyn, New York, where a young archeologist named Daisy has uncovered a massive find of mysterious new dinosaur bones. She befriends two plumbers named Mario and Luigi Mario, after her car breaks down. Unbenownst to Daisy, two strange men named Spike and Iggy are trying to kidnap her. They are cousins of Koopa, and on orders to capture Daisy, who is actually the daughter of the deposed king. She posseses a magical amulet that Koopa needs if he is ever to succeed in uniting the two dimensions.

Eventually Iggy and Spike succeed, and drag Daisy through an underground portal into the dinosaur world. Mario and Luigi follow in after her.

The rest of the film involves the Mario Brothers trying to navigate through the chaotic captiol of the dinosaur world ("Dinohattan"), track down Koopa, and rescue the Princess.


The film was an enormous flop. Although it boasted several big stars, the film was denounced by critics as "cheesy" and lacking any sort of coherient plot. The film was reasonably popular with pre-teens, though many fans of the actual Mario Brothers series were upset at the movie's more "serious" tone, and found its live action cast to be too drastic a departure from the cartoony world of the games. The film's PG rating probably hurted the film's potential, as well. The movie's dark atmosphere, realistic-looking monsters, and numerous action sequences scared off many parents from bringing their young Mario-fans to the theatre, effectively eliminating a key demographic.


While the film is generally considered to be a disaster by fans of the games and non fans alike, some consider it to be a cult classic.

It was directed by Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton and was distributed by Hollywood Pictures.

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