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Sunny Day Real Estate

Seattle based emo band that were one of the first bands to begin to mix emo with indie rock and eventually making it much more sugar-coated pop sounding then the previous wave of emo bands. Newer bands like The Get Up Kids, Reggie And The Full Effect, New Found Glory, and Weezer are all being labeled as emo, and many of the fans of this sub-genre of sorts are unaware that emo was a lot different then its current status.

The original Sunny Day Real Estate had a notoriously short life-span. Ironic that a band that barely put out two full lenths, Diary and LP2, and never played a show in the state of California would influence a genre so much.

The band's singer, Jeremy Enigk, became a born again christian slightly before their second album was released and wanted to sing about his new religion. Some members of the band where opposed to this and the band shortly broke up before their album was actually released. They would later reform in 1998 but made the change to alternative rock.