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Summerhill School

A.S. Neill founded the controversial Summerhill School in 1921. It is a boarding and day school currently located in Leiston, Suffolk, England, serving primary and secondary education in a democratic fashion.

Summerhill is noted for its influential and groundbreaking philosophy that children learn best with freedom from coercion. All lessons are optional, and pupils are free to choose what to do with their time. Neill founded Summerhill with the belief that "the function of a child is to live his own life - not the life that his anxious parents think he should live, not a life according to the purpose of an educator who thinks he knows best."

In addition to taking control of their own time, pupils can participate in the self-governing community of the school. Weekly meetings are held four times a week, where pupils and staff alike have an equal voice in the decisions that affect their day-to-day lives, discussing issues and creating or changing school laws.

It is with these major principals of democracy and equality which Summerhill School operates on.

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