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Sulayman is a prophet in the Quran. In the Bible he is known as Solomon.

He was a son of the prophet Daud. From his father he learned a lot, and was subsquently made a prophet by God, and given power over all creatures, including the jinns. He ruled a large kingdom that extended south into Yemen. He was known throughout the lands for his wisdom and fair judgements.

A well known story of Sulayman involves his interactions with the Queen of Sheba or Bilqis. Bilqis was a wise ruler, but her people worshipped the sun and moon. Sulayman told her to stop, but instead she tried to flatter him with gifts. These only served to anger him more, and he set out for her lands with an army. On the way there, he passed through the Valley of Ants and heard them speak. He began to feel mercy for the people Bilqis and decied not to harm them. By then, the Queen had gained wind of what was happening. She set out to personally patch up relations. Sulayman ordered a jinn to bring one of her thrones to him. She was asked to identify it, and she did. Bilqis was so overwhelmed by the wisdom and power of Sulayman that she would eventually marry him and become his wife.

Sulayman would complete the construction of the Temple Mount that was begun by his father Daud. Sulayman would go on to live for over eighty years. Upon his death, his son would take control of his empire, but his son was easily tempted by worldly things. His son's reign would end quickly, and would end the rule of Daud's lineage.


Sulayman was also the name of a number of Fatmid caliphs.