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Suicide (band)

Suicide is a 1970s and 80s punk/post punk duo, composed of Alan Vega (vocals) and Martin Rev (synthesizers and drum machines). They emerged from the early punk scene in New York City with a reputation for ferocious and controversial live shows that occasionally led to riots and violence. Working with Ric Ocasek (of the Cars), Suicide's image quickly became more famous than their music, though a series of albums in the late 1970s and early 1980s are regarded as some of the most influential post punk recordings and helped shape the direction of indie rock, industrial music and dance music. Among others, Soft Cell and R.E.M have listed Suicide as one of their influences.

Suicide in their turn have their influences as well, notably Iggy Pop. Alan Vega's style of vocals is also obviously influenced by Elvis Presley and rockabilly.

Suicide attempted a comeback in 2002 with American Supreme, though sales were slow and critical reception was mixed.