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Suave is a brand of shampoo. It is for any type of hair.There are special shampoos for differnt types of hair.Suave is for all types.You can wash your hair as many times as desired with the suave shampoo.Suave makes all types of other shampoos.The suave company also makes other products such as hand/ and body lotion/ body wash /bar soap/ face care products/ styling products /anti perspirant/ and deodorant.Suave also guarntee its products or you money back. the main ingrediedt in shampoo is to use this type of shampoo?First you wet your hair with water.Then poor a dime size bit into your hand. Then rub it into your scalp.Make sure you scrub really good.Then you rinse really good so there is no more shampoo left in the hair.After that your hair will look clean and smell freash.