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Strategic bombing survey (Europe)

"Strategic bombing survey (Europe)" was a US Army report issued September 30, 1945. The major conclusion of the report was that strategic bombing, particularly the destruction of the oil industry and truck manufacturing had major impact on the success of the Allies in World War II.

However, despite the overall contribution of the bombing, the survey concluded that the impact of strategic bombing could not be separated from the general collapse of Germany in 1945.

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1 Success in Europe
2 Limited effects and production increases
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Success in Europe

The greatest claimed successes came in three crucial industrial areas:

Limited effects and production increases

The survey concluded that one reason German production rose in so many areas was in part that the German economy did not go on a complete war footing until late 1942 and 1943. Up until then, factories had been on a single shift in many industries and the German economy was generally inefficient and not operating at full capacity.

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