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Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow is an Anglo-French air-launched cruise missile, manufactured by MBDA.

Storm Shadow is the British name for the weapon; in French service it is called SCALP EG (Emploi Général, meaning General Purpose).

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Storm Shadow is based on the earlier MBDA Apache anti-runway missile.

The initial contract for Storm Shadow was placed by the UK Ministry of Defence in February 1997.

In January 1998, France ordered 500 SCALP missiles.

The first successful fully-guided firing of the STORM SHADOW / SCALP EG took place at the CEL Biscarosse range in France at the end of December 2000. The launching aircraft was a Mirage 2000 N.

On May 25, 2001 the first firing from a Tornado took place, from Warton in the UK.

Storm Shaddow entered service with the Royal Air Force in 2002.

It was first used operationally during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

MBDA are studying a sea-launched varient, to be called SCALP NAVAL, to be launch from frigates and submarines.

Inventory / variants

The following countries have ordered Storm Shadow / SCALP, in these quantities:

A longer-range ship-launched variant, SCALP Navale is planned.



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