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Steve Antin

Steve Antin (born February 17, 1961 in Portland, Oregon) was one of the many faces of child actors from the 1980s who appeared in several films but never really broke out as a performer. He is most remembered as Troy, the bad-guy preppie jock in Steven Spielberg's The Goonies. He also appeared in the film The Last American Virgin. His own screenplay, Inside Monkey Zetterland, was turned into a film featuring many respected independent performers. In the late 1990s he came out of the closet and made several appearances in gay-themed films including It's My Party, co-starring Eric Roberts and comedienne Margaret Cho.

In recent years, Antin has turned not only to working as a stunt man, but also writing such films as Gloria (the 1999 version) and Chasing Papi. He was also a writer and producer of the television series Young Americans.