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Stefan Raab

Stefan Raab (born October 20, 1966, Cologne) is a German entertainer and comedian.

Stefan Raab became popular as a VJ in the German music TV channel VIVA in 1996. Since 1999 he is presenter of his own comedy show TV total of the channel Pro7.

He wrote the music for the German entry in the Eurovision Song Contest of 1998, Guildo Horn's Guildo hat Euch Lieb, and in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 he performed himself with the nonsense song Wadde Hadde Dudde Da. Other famous songs were "Maschendrahtzaun", "Gebt das Hanf frei!" (feat. Shaggy) and "Wir kiffen".

In November 2003 he initiated the first "official" World Wok Championships in Winterberg, Germany, in which he won.