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Stata Center

The Ray and Maria Stata Center is a 430,000 square-foot academic complex designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Frank Gehry, currently (Oct 2003) under construction at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Major funding for this project was provided by Ray Stata (MIT class of 1957) and Maria Stata. It is said that Ray Stata specifically requested that this project be a "center" and not a "complex" as the phrase "Stata Complex" sounds like a psychological disorder.

Other major funders are Bill Gates and Alexander Dreyfoos (MIT class of 1954).

Above the fourth floor, the building splits into two distinct towers. The Gates tower and the Dreyfoos tower.

In typical MIT style the names of the funders will be recorded on the buildings and possibly some maps, however the building will be known by its number "building 32", and the towers have already been reduced to the initial letter of the name the "G Tower" and the "D tower" in common use.


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