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Star Wars: The Trading Card Game

Star Wars: The Trading Card Game (TCG) A new trading card game using the Star Wars license. Produced by Wizards of the Coast this game is the newest Star Wars based card game.

Game Play

The Star Wars: TCG focuses around control of in game arenas. Each player (this is a two player game) controls units with which he/she uses to take control of these arenas. The main way to win is to either take control of two of the three arenas. In addition, if a player's deck, is empty when he/she needs to draw a card, that player loses. Some cards may also add a new win condition for the game.

Star Wars is played in three arenas (space, ground, and character), a build zone, a draw pile (for your deck), and a discard pile. There are two sides to this game (technically three) dark side, light side, and neutral.

There are several types of cards. They are:

Playing the Game (Building a deck)

This is a two player game. The following is recommended for each player (and required if your serious), but can be shared among friends and opponents:

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