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St James's Palace

St James's Palace is one of London's oldest and most historic palaces. It is situated on The Mall in London, England, in the district of St James's, just north of St James's Park. Though no longer the seat of the United Kingdom monarch, it is the official seat of the Royal Court. (See Court of St. James.)

The palace was the official royal residence of the monarch in London from 1702, when Whitehall Palace burnt down, until 1837, when the new Queen Victoria chose to use the new and larger Buckingham Palace as the monrch's royal residence. A section of the palace, York House, was formerly the residence of Prince Charles. His sons Prince William of Wales and Prince Harry of Wales also had apartments there.

In 2003 the Prince of Wales has moved to the nearby Clarence House, which had been vacant following the death of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. St James's Palace is now the London residence of Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, and Princess Alexandra of Kent.

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