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Spy Kids

Spy Kids is a name of a movie trilogy released from 2001 to 2003. The Spy Kids movies are about the children of a married spy couple who become involved in their parents' espionage.

Spy Kids was heavily influenced by James Bond. Director Robert Rodriguez says the first film was a "Willy Wonka and James Bond mix" and the second was a "Gilligan's Island and James Bond mix"; by this pattern the third film could be described as a "Video game and James Bond mix." Technology in Spy Kids is almost always portrayed as looking friendly, and a bit cartoonish.

The Spy Kids films are like James Bond, but with twists which are usually humorous. For instance, in the first film, a robot army is built to conquer the world. The twist is the robots are made to look exactly like children under about the age of 15.

The third film was shot in high-definition digital video, using an anaglyphic process to create the 3-D effects. Audiences were given red/blue glasses with their ticket purchase.


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