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Sports memorabilia

The term sports memorabilia usually refers to anything that can be directly connected to a sports event or personality. Many people collect these items.

Sports memorabilia can either have a sentimental or monetary value to the collector. Many items used by famous sports stars or at a famous event have been sold for many dollars at auctions such as Sothesby's and others. The ball that Mark McGwire hit for home-run number 62 in 1998, for example, was sold for over 1 million dollars.

It could be said that collecting sports memorabilia goes back to the first decades of the 20th century, when many people would collect baseballs from baseball games and many asked Babe Ruth for autographs. As years passed and many other sports stars joined their sports, memorabilia collectors also began to broaden their horizons.

When the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL began selling their jerseys in stores during the 1980s, game used jerseys also became a hot item among sports memorabilia collectors. Former NBA player Dennis Rodman was famous for taking off his jerseys and throwing them to the stands after his games were over. Michael Jordan is probably the basketball player whose memorabilia is most sought after by collectors.

Collectors also like to look back in time when they are finding sports memorabilia. Items such as John L. Sullivan and Jack Johnson fight posters have sold well before. There is also a boxing glove signed by Sullivan, Johnson, Ruth and many Hollywood stars and American Presidents that has sold for a lot of money before. This glove is now on display at the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

In boxing, one of the most prominent sports memorabilia collectors is Bob Pace, who sells everything from fight posters to autographs. Pace has been in business since 1984.

Another sports star who is very requested by memorabilia collectors is Pete Rose. Many items used by the king of hits have sold for good prices, including one of his convertible cars, which was obtained by a collector who concentrates on Pete Rose memorabilia only. An article about this was published in a sports magazine.

Adding an autograph to an item used in a particular game or by a particular star can increase or decrease the value of the item, depending on the situation.

For the collectors who only see their memorabilia as having a sentimental value, they might look at it as a childhood memory, or as an important moment of life shared with his or her favorite star or team.