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Spanish Sparrow

Spanish Sparrow
Scientific classification
Binomial name
Passer hispaniolensis

The Spanish Sparrow (Passer hispaniolensis) occurs around the Mediterranean and across temperate southern Asia. It is a sparrow closely related to the familiar House Sparrow, and it will interbreed with that species to produce hybrids such as the Italian Sparrow of northern Italy, which show characteristics of both species.

It is mainly resident in the west of its range, but eastern populations of this passerine are more migratory. Odd birds have wandered as far as Scotland.

Although, like its relative, it is found near habitation, it more often breeds in trees near rivers or other wet areas. It builds a closed nest, and sometimes nests inside large nests of birds like the White Stork. 4-8 eggs are laid.

The male is similar to the House Sparrow, but has a chestnut cap, blacker back, and underparts heavily streaked with black. The female is effectively inseparable from its relative.

This species feeds principally on seeds, like other sparrows.