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Space Shuttle Challenger

Shuttle Orbiter Challenger (NASA Designation: OV-99) was a Space Shuttle orbiter. Challenger was the second shuttle orbiter to be placed into service (after Columbia) and was constructed using a body frame (STA-099) that had initially been produced for use as a test article. Its maiden voyage was on April 4, 1983, and made eight subsequent round trips to low earth orbit before it was destroyed during launch for its tenth mission, mission 51-L.

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Date                Designation
1983 April 4        STS-6
1983 June 18        STS-7
1983 August 30      STS-8
1984 February 3     STS-41-B
1984 April 6        STS-41-C
1984 October 5      STS-41-G
1985 April 29       STS-51-B
1985 July 29        STS-51-F
1985 October 30     STS-61-A
1986 January 28     STS-51-L

Flight Log

Public domain picture from NASA

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