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Soyuz 2

Mission Statistics
Mission:Soyuz 2
Launch:October 25, 1968 09:00 UTC
Baikonur LC1
Landing:October 28, 1968 07:51 UTC
Duration:3 days

Soyuz 2 was an unpiloted spacecraft in the Soyuz family intended to perform a docking manoeuvre with Soyuz 3. Although the two craft approached closely, the docking did not take place.

This mission was the subject of an artistic "reconstruction" by Joan Fontcuberta showing how the spacecraft was piloted by one Ivan Istochnikov and a dog named "Kloka", killed in the mission and subsequently erased from history by the Soviets to avoid the bad publicity.

The name "Soyuz 2" also appears in other contexts, a) the second Soyuz flight to dock with the International Space Station b) as a proposed successor to the Soyuz launch vehicle, later renamed as Soyuz/ST.

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