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Soyuz 17

Soyuz 17
Mission Statistics
Mission Name:Soyuz 17
Call Sign:Зенит (Zenit - "Zenith")
Number of Crew Members:2
Launch:January 11, 1975
21:43 UTC
Landing:February 10, 1975
11:02 UTC
110km NE of Tselinograd
Duration:29 days, 13 hours, 19 minutes
Number of Orbits:479

Soyuz 17 carried cosmonauts Georgi Grechko and Aleksei Gubarev to the Salyut 4 space station for a month-long stay. Upon entering the new station, they found a humorous note from its builders, telling them to "Wipe your feet!"

Experiments carried out on board the station were mostly of an astronomical nature, with observations of the Sun, the Earth, and the planets.


Mission Parameters

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