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Soviet 2nd Rifle Division

2nd Rifle Division
FormedSeptember 24 1919
DemobilisedJanuary 28 1946

The Soviet 2nd Rifle Division was an infantry division that served during The Great Patriotic War (World War II). Originally formed in 1919 from the 1st Ryazansk Rifle Division, the division was twice destroyed and reformed during the war. The division contained two or three rifle regiments.

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During the war there were four distinct formations that bore the title of '2nd Rifle Division'.

1st Formation

Formed in 1919, the division was part of the Soviet 10th Army. It was annihilated by the German army in a pocket west of Minsk on September 19 1941.

The full honorific title of the division was the 2nd Belorussian Red Banner Rifle Division in the name of M.V. Frunze.

2nd Formation

Formed from a Moscow militia division on September 26 1941, the second formation served in the Soviet 32nd Army. It was encircled and destroyed by the Germans in the Vyazma pocket in October, 1941. This formation was disbanded on December 27 1941.

3rd Formation

Formed in the Crimea on November 23 1941 from the 2nd Cavalry Division, this formation served with the Coastal Army and was renamed the 109th Rifle Division on January 29 1942.

4th Formation

Commenced forming in Arkhangelsk on December 21 1941, this incarnation of the division served to the end of the war and earned the honorific title of 2nd Masurian Rifle Division. It finished the war as part of the Soviet 81st Rifle Corps in the 3rd Belorussian Front.

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