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In the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, the Southrons were Men who lived in the south of Middle-earth, and were enemies of the Free Peoples.


The Haradrim were the people of Far and Near Harad, the great region south of the river Harondor which formed the ancient border of South Gondor or Harondor. They were swarthy of skin, and were enemies of Gondor. Gondor fought many battles with them, and they remained an enemy until the War of the Ring. They fought for Sauron, and rode the huge mammoth-like animals known as Oliphaunts.

Corsairs of Umbar

Umbar was an old Númenórean haven, but it was settled by King's Men, rather than the Elf-friendly Faithful. Populated by the Black Númenóreans, Umbar became hostile to Gondor, starting raids on the coastlands of Lebennin, Belfalas and Anfalas, at times even going up the Great River Anduin to raid Pelargir. During the later Third Age, the defeated rebels of the Kinstrife fled to Umbar. By the time of the War of the Ring, the Corsairs had mixed with the Haradrim, becoming a mixed people where Númenórean blood was mostly gone. A fleet of Corsairs was raiding Lebennin when Aragorn captured their ships and rowed them to Minas Tirith.