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Southern Finland

The Province of Southern Finland is a province of Finland. It borders to the provinces of Western Finland and Eastern Finland. It also borders to the Gulf of Finland and Russia.

In the 1997 redesign that reduced their number of provinces from 12 to 6 the Uusimaa province, Kymi province and the southern parts of Häme province formed the new province of Southern Finland.

Etelä-Suomen lääni
Södra Finlands län
Residence cityHämeenlinna
GovernorTuula Linnainmaa
Historical provinces Tavastia
 - Total
Ranked 5th
34,378 km²
 - Total (2002)
 - Density
Ranked 1st
69 / km²

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Historical Provinces

For History, Geography and Culture see: Tavastia, Karelia and Uusimaa


Main article: State Provincial Office of Southern Finland

The State Provincial Office is a joint regional authority of seven different ministries. It promotes national and regional objectives of the State central administration. The State Provincial Office of Southern Finland employs about 380 persons. Our service units are located in the cities of Hämeenlinna, Helsinki and Kouvola.


Main article: Regions of Finland

Southern Finland is divided into 6 regions:


Main article:
Municipalities of Southern Finland

Southern Finland is divided into 88 municipalities and contains the cities of Hämeenlinna, Helsinki, Kouvola.


Main article: Heraldry of Southern Finland

The coat of arms of Southern Finland is composed of the arms of Tavastia, Karelia and Uusimaa.

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