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Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, or SEPTA for short, is an operator of bus, subway, regional rail, subway-surface, trackless trolley, and rail-trolley lines in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

The system was formerly known as PTC (for the Philadelphia Transportation Company, the last private company to operate the system) and earlier as PRT (for the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company). The suburban bus and trolley lines were operated by the Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Company, using the name Red Arrow Lines.

Subway Service

The city's two subway lines are:

The two lines intersect at Philadelphia City Hall, where a free interchange exists.

Regional Rail Lines

SEPTA also operates a number of trains, known as the Regional Rail Lines to and from places in the metropolitan area. All seven of them pass through 30th Street Station, Suburban Station, and Market East Station in Center City as part of their route.

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