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Southampton Oceanography Centre

The Southampton Oceanography Centre (SOC) is a purpose built, joint venture between the University of Southampton and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). Opened in 1996, it is one of an elite group of world-class centres of excellence specialising in marine science, earth science and marine technology. It is unique in providing a platform for leading interdisciplinary research alongside a comprehensive teaching facility.

The SOC comprises the University of Southamptonís School of Ocean and Earth Sciences which operates alongside four NERC research divisions and the NERC Research Ships Unit (RSU). In addition to housing some 450 research scientists, and staff, over 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students call the SOC home.

The centreís mission is to play a strategic role in global interdisciplinary marine and earth sciences.

The SOCís resources include the purpose-built research ships (RRS Discovery and RRS Charles Darwin) in addition to the UK National Oceanographic Library. The nationally important Discovery Collections and the British Ocean Sediment Core Repository are also located at the centre.

The SOC is located at the University of Southampton Waterfront Campus, European Way, Southampton, UK.