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Soup with risotto

Soup with Risotto

Ingredients: Risotto, eggs, bread crumbs, clear or brown soup.

If you have some good risotto left, you can use it up by making it into little balls the size of small nuts. Egg and bread crumb and fry them in butter; dry them and put them into a soup tureen with hot soup. The soup may be either clear or brown.

This recipe is however not traditional in Italy, where the preparation stops at the cooking of the balls (actually a little bigger than egges), and they are locally called supplž.

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Source: ''The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste, Containing Over Two Hundred Recipes For Italian Dishes'' from a project that puts out-of-copyright texts into the public domain. This is from a *very* old source, and reflects the cooking at the turn of the last century. Update as necessary.