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Soup maigre

From the 1881 Household Cyclopedia

Take of veal, beef cut into small pieces and scrag of mutton, 1 pound each; put them into a saucepan, with 2 quarts of water, put into a clean cloth 1 ounce of barley, an onion, a small bundle of sweet herbs, 3 or 4 heads of celery cut small, a little mace, 2 or 3 cloves, 3 turnips pared and each cut in two, a large carrot cut into small pieces, and young lettuce. Cover the pot close, and let it stew very gently for six hours. Then take out the spice, sweet herbs, and onion, and pour all into a soup-dish, seasoned with salt.

Another Soup Maigre

Quarter of a pound of butter placed in a stewpan, add to it 2 tablespoonsful of flour, 1/2 pint of milk. Then add cold vegetables chopped very fine, and stew together a quarter of an hour. Before sent up, beat the yolks of two eggs, add of a pint of cream, and a little pepper and salt to taste.