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Sorry! (game)

Sorry! is a board game. It is an adaptation of Parcheesi made by Parker Brothers.

Table of contents
1 Goal
2 Rules
3 Cards and function
4 Teams
5 Variation
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To be the first player to get all four pawns from the START square to the HOME square. Turns are passed by the left (clockwise). It's played with pawns and cards instead of dice.


Each player in turn draws one card from the stock and follows its instructions. Typically, a card requires the player to move one of his or her pawns a certain number of spaces clockwise around the board. 

In order to get a pawn out of the nest (jail), the player must draw a 1 or a 2 card.

No two pawns my occupy the same square. A pawn that lands on a square occupied by an opponent's pawn sends the opponent's pawn back to the nest.

With 4 and 10, the player can move backwards. A common strategy is to start a pawn out of the nest, and then move it backwards past the entrance to the goal, saving a long clockwise trip around the board.

Cards and function

1 Start a pawn or move a pawn 1 space
2 Start a pawn or move a pawn 2 spaces and draw a card again
3 Move a pawn 3 spaces
4 Move a pawn 4 spaces backwards
5 Move a pawn 5 spaces
7 Move one pawn 7 spaces or split the 7 spaces between two pawns
8 Move a pawn 8 spaces
10 Move a pawn 10 spaces forward or 1 space backwards
11 Move 11 spaces forward or switch pawns with your opponent
12 Move a pawn 12 spaces forward
Sorry! Move any one of your pawns from START to the square occupied by any opponent's pawn, sending that pawn back to its own START.


Red's companion is yellow and blue's companion is green. You can eat your partner's pawns. When a '7' card is played, the count may be split between any two of the 8 pawns.


A variation with more scope for strategy is for each player to play the card of their choice from a hand, replenishing the played card from the stock.

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