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Sopron is a town in Hungary, historically also known by the German name Ödenburg, population approx. 50,000 in early 1990s.

Sopron (pronounced "show-PRON") is near the Austrian border, a short train ride from Vienna. With the break up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire its status as part of Hungary was decided by local plebiscite; supposedly this was unanimous, so Sopron calls itself The Most Loyal Town in Hungary.

The architecture of the old section of town reflects its long history; walls and foundations from the Roman Empire are still common, together with a wealth of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque structures, often artistically decorated, showing centuries of stability and prosperity. There is an old synagogue and other remains from the town's former Jewish community which was expelled in the 1500s.

A local specialty is tramini, apple flavored wine.

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