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Sonny Werblin

David 'Sonny' Werblin purchased the Titans of New York from original owner Harry Wismer in 1963. Immediately applying his show-business savvy, he changed the team's name to the New York Jets.

His recognition that the American Football League needed a strong presence in New York was a major factor in the success of the league that was to be the genesis of modern professional football. He cemented that position by signing Joe Namath, who would ultimately lead the AFL Jets in their Super Bowl victory over the so-called "best team in the history of the NFL".

He strongly opposed the merger between the leagues, with Al Davis, objecting to the indemnity the NFL squeezed from the American Football League owners for having the audacity to put good teams in the New York area and in California. Werblin is a member of the American Football League Hall of Fame.


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