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Soldering iron

A soldering iron is a device for applying a point source of heat to melt solder for soldering two materials together. Soldering irons are typically electrically powered. Small cordless ones are available for fine electronics work. Some soldering irons are not self-heated but are designed to be heated in a furnace with the advantage of being cordless. Soldering irons may have interchangable tips for different types of work. Pyramid tips with a triangular flat face are useful for soldering sheet metal. Fine round tips are useful for electronics work.

Soldering irons often come with a stand to hold the hot iron. The stand may be have a sponge and flux pot for cleaning the tip.

It is recommended that the tip of the soldering iron be cleaned and coated with solder before being used.

Soldering for pumbing typically does not use a soldering iron but a blow-torch instead.

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