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Sodium percarbonate

Sodium percarbonate (or sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate) is an addition compound of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. When dissolved into water, its releases H2O2 and soda ash (sodium carbonate). 2Na2CO3 . 3H2O2 ---> 2Na2CO3 + 3H2O2 The pH of the resulting solution is typically alkaline, which activates the H2O2 for bleaching. The dry powder contains about 30% w/w H2O2.

Sodium Percarbonate offers many of the same functional benefits as liquid hydrogen peroxide. It dissolves into water rapidly to release oxygen and provides powerful cleaning, bleaching, stain removal and deodorizing capabilities. Besides, sodium carbonate decomposed from sodium percarbonate is able to increase the pH value in washing water to knock down the activities of calcium ion and magnesium ion, thus intenerates water. Another benefit offered by sodium carbonate by raising the pH value is to reduce the negative charges of dirt and fibre resulting in the strengthening repellency between dirt and fibre, which leads to the improvement of bleaching and stain removing effects.

According to, compared with chlorine bleaching chemicals that have contaminations on the environment, sodium percarbonate is an environmentally friendly chemical which decomposes into oxygen, water and natural soda ash when in contact with hydrous media. Sodium percarbonate is increasingly being the substitute for sodium perborate in detergent formulations due to its lower dissolving temperature in water, as well as the characteristic of no contamination on soil, as sodium perborate is made of borax which is found to have negative impact on the soil quality. Detergent or bleach compositions formulated with sodium percarbonate have an strong stain removal capability. It is very effective as a laundry presoak for heavily stained articles. It is color safe. It brightens colors and prevent fabric form become yellowed or darkened. Sodium percarbonate is effective as a disinfectant on both bacteria and virus. Itís an excellent ingredient in personal care and home care formulations for hygiene. For its environmental advantages, sodium percarbonate is a good oxygen release chemical for agricultural and aquicultural applications.

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