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Snowball V

Snowball V is Lisa Simpson's cat, which she obtained as a result of a sucsession of her cat's dying in the 15th season episode, I,(Annoyed Grunt)-bot (see The Simpsons episode list). It started when her brother, Bart Simpson wanted a new bike, but his father, Homer Simpson, said that he could not get a new new one while his old one still worked. He then took his bike behind his fence, and threw it into the street. The bike was hit by a Merecedes-Benz driven by Dr. Julius Hibert. Dr. Hibert said he would pay for Bart's bike, and continued to drive, and than ran over Snowball II. She then went to an animal refuge, where she got Snowball III. Snowball III drowned while trying the catch the fish in the aquarium. Lisa later returned to have another cat, Coltrane, killed. She gave up on cats, but the crazy cat lady gave her another cat, which ran into the street after Lisa shooed her away. A car, driven by Gil, came close to running her over, but he swerved and hit a tree. Lisa, taking this as a good omen, took the cat and named her Snowball V, but to 'save from buying another dish', she called her Snowball II and decided to forget the whole thing.