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Snorri Sturluson

Snorri Sturluson (1179 - September 23, 1241) was an Icelandic historian, poet and politician. He was twice law-speaker at the Icelandic parliament, the Althing. He was the author of the Younger Edda, which is comprised of Gylfaginning, a narrative of Norse mythology, the Skáldskaparmál, a book of poetic language, and the Háttatal, a list of verse forms. He was also the author of the Heimskringla, a history of early medieval Scandinavian history. He is also thought to be the author of Egils Saga.

Snorri became involved in an unsuccessful rebellion against King Hákon Hákonarson, the King of Norway, and was subsequently killed.

Note about the name: The correct spelling of the name is Snorri Sturluson. "Snorre Sturlason" is the modern Norwegian spelling, whereas "Sturlusson" is a corrupt spelling. Since Sturluson is a mere patronym and not an actual surname, Snorri Sturluson should always be referred to as either "Snorri Sturluson" or "Snorri", never as "Sturluson" only.