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Slovenske zeleznice

Slovenske zeleznice (SZ) (Slovenian Railways) is the state railway of Slovenia, created in 1991 from the Ljubljana Division of the former Jugoslovenske zeleznice -- (JZ) - Yugoslav Railways -- on the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Slovenian Railways operate 1,229 km of tracks, 504 km of which are electrified.


People of Slovenia received its first railway in 1840s, when Austro-Hungarian Empire built the railway connection between its capital, Vienna, and its major commercial port, Trieste. Thus, Celje was connected by railway in 1846, Ljubljana in 1849 and Trieste in 1857. In the era before WW I, numerous other railways were built. After WW I, and in particular after WW II, very few new lines were built, the only exception being the line to Koper, built in 1976.

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