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Slipknot is a nine-piece nu-metal group from Des Moines, Iowa. Mixing hip-hop with heavy metal, this band have became one of the most popular nu metal bands.

The band are noted for their image; the members wear matching boiler suits, and each has an individual mask. The original purpose of this was to keep the focus away from the band's image, and keep it on the music. Ironically, it has had the opposite effect. On their first major label album, each band member was referred to by first name and number only; the band are far from secretive about their identities, however, and their full names were present on their second major label album. Four members of the band have been photographed without masks: Vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root with their band Stone Sour, drummer Joey Jordison with his side-project Murderdolls, and bassist Paul Gray, through mugshots leaked through


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